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Headache Relief and Prevention

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As one who has suffered from cluster, stess and migraine headaches, Ginny understands firsthand the debilitative affect headaches can have, the depresssion, anxiety, feelng of helplessness and hopeless.  She has studied diffierent essential oils, herbs, massage techniques, yoga and meditations trying to find relief for herself and two of her childern who suffered migraines for several years.  Ginny has developed a headache prevention and relief protocol which has helped many people!

Headaches are as unique as each individual who expericences them.  During your initial consultation, Ginny will assess your unique needs and we will work together to develop your personal protocol.  The Migraine protocol draws from aroma therapy, gentle yoga, restorative yoga, energy work, meditation, journaling use of a TENS Unit, hot/cold therapy and massage.

You will be given a headache journal to assist in identifying your headache triggers.  You will also be given exercises, meditations, poses and/or stretches to do at home to encourage you to take your wellness into your own hands.

Your initital consultation and session will take approximately 2 hours, subsequent sessions can vary in length from 60 to 90 minutes depending on your needs that day.


PACKAGE and INVESTMENT:  I encourage an 8 week timeframe, meeting once a week.  The investment is $800.

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