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Genevieve's Healing Arts:  Where Art and Medicine Meet



Meditation has been practiced for centuries.  Widely used as a method of calming the mind and body, there is a growing body of research on the healing aspects of meditation, both on the physical and mental bodies.  From calmness to lowered blood pressure, from easing insomnia to increasing creativity; meditation can assist you in achieving your highest well being.  We will work with you to design a meditation program to fit your needs and teach you several methods to incorporate into your life. 



 When we hurt, our first instinct is to touch the injury, whether our own or that of another. Massage is one of the oldest of the healing arts. Massage Therapy enhances the body's natural healing abilities by facilitating a more restful state, reducing stress, increasing circulation and eliminating toxins more efficiently.

Each client is unique; accordingly, Genevieve's Healing Arts offers highly personalized services based upon individual needs-you are not just a number here.

We offer a variety of massage modalities including:

      ~Hot Stone

      ~Deep Tissue

      ~Chakra Balancing



       ~Executive (Half Hour)

       ~Pre and Post Natal

      ~Chair and on-site available as well, bring a touch of luxury to your next event


Reiki and Energy Work

Reiki means "divinely guided life force energy".  Reiki is an energy work that utilizes universal energy, not the energy of the practitioner.  Universal energy has an intelligence of it's own and assists you in healing on an energetic level as well as mental and physical.  Dis-ease manifests first on an energetic level, then on the physical or mental levels so by addressing the energy body we can affect the physical/mental bodies.

Chakras are the energy centers of the body.  When they are closed or out of balance you can feel lack in the corresponding areas of your life.  For example, a block in your Root Chakra can cause issues with your finances.  Keeping your energy flowing and balanced is another step in your wellness program.


Yoga actually means "to yolk" or "to unite", yoga unites the body and mind. Originally used as a method to train the body for long periods of meditation, yoga is now the fastest growing fitness system in the country.  From Bikram to Restorative you can find so many types of yoga, you could practice a different method every day of the month!  Here we focus on the Hatha Yoga system with an emphasis on:



      ~Restorative yoga

      ~yoga for PTSD

      ~Living Large Yoga for those struggling with their weight.


We accept PIP for auto accidents.


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As your Wellness Consultant, our highest priority is your well-being and assisting you in attaining and maintaining your highest state of health.

We feel we offer the best individually customized wellness services in the Louisville/Prospect areas. Once you visit us, we think you'll agree.


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