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Yoga is the art and practice of uniting body and mind.  There are as many ways to practice Yoga as there are people who practice.  Genevieve has long suggested poses and stretches to enhance her clients' well-being in between visits.  Since attending Restorative Yoga Workshops, she has incorporated some Restorative Poses into her sessions and offers sessions specifically utilizing Restorative Yoga poses on the massage table.  The benfits of yoga include:

~Increased flexibility                                       ~Increased strength

~Improved breathing                                        ~Increased relaxation

~Reconnect with your body                                ~Increased balance

~Lower blood pressure                                      ~Internal cleansing

~Increased self confidence                                 ~Increased self discipline

~Compassion for self                                        ~Contentment



Restorative Yoga heavily utilizes props to hold you in poses, thus allowing the body to relax into the support and to hold the pose for longer periods of time enabling the body to open more easily.  This is a very relaxing, gentle yet very powerful practice, beneficial for everyone.

Gentle Yoga is a wonderful introduction for those who have never tried Yoga, have been out of practice for an extended period, who have illnesses such as MS, cancer, etc that would limit their mobility, or are recuperating from surgery or illness.  Many of the poses are the same as in Hatha Yoga, just modified with props or not held as long.

Yoga Nidra is a form of deeply relaxing meditaiton known as "Conscious Sleeping".  It is incredibly relaxing and restorative for the body, mind and spirit.  It uses guided imagery to take you deeper into your subconscious.

Beginning Hatha Yoga is good practice for those who don't need the props to the extent of Gentle Yoga, but are easing into a steady Yoga practice. We will explore poses uniting breath and movement bringing ourselves into alignment.  A consistent yoga practice can increase flexibility, strength, stamina and create a more peaceful feeling.

Living Large Yoga is specially designed for those struggling with their weight.  Yoga can be a great way to begin a fitness program and addition to a healthy lifestyle.  Poses are modified to make them more accessible for larger bodies.  Come practice in a compassionate, comfortable and accepting enviroment.

We are offering private yoga lessons in the office. Paired with a massage, this is a great way to take care of yourself!  

 Yoga in the workplace is becoming increasingly popular as employers realize the benefits of yoga for their  employees.  If you are interested in setting up an employee program, we have several options, just give us a call 502-689-3114.


Current Class Offerings

 (All classes taught by Genevieve unless otherwise noted)


 Monday          8-9 am      KentuckyOne Healthy Lifestyle Center,

                                               Downtown 250 E. Liberty St         Gentle/Beginning     $10

                                               (Tami Combs, RYT and Becky Thompson, RYT)

                      5-6  pm               KentuckyOne Healthy Lifestyle Center,

                                              Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital       Gentle/Beginning      $10

                                              (Anna Rucker, RYT, LMT teaches this class)


Tuesday          5:30-6:45 pm      VA Hospital                           Yoga Warriors              Free

                                               (must be a vet being treated at the VA to attend)


Wednesday      11 am-noon                 KentuckyOne Healthy Lifestyle Center,

                                                Tara Crossing Blvd                  Gentle/Beginning        $10

                                                (Jennifer McClaine, RYT)


      5-6  pm               KentuckyOne Healthy Lifestyle Center,

                                              Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital       Gentle/Beginning      $10

                                              (Anna Rucker, RYT, LMT teaches this class)


Thursday         1-2 pm           Norton Wellness DuPont Rd       Parkinson's Class         Free

                                             (Emily Karl, RYT teaches this class)


                       5:30-6:45 pm   VA Hospital                              Rest and Restore         Free

                                              (must be a female vet being treated at the VA to attend)

                                              (Becky Thompson, RYT teaches this class)                                        

                       8-9 am             KentuckyOne Healthy Lifestyle Center,

                                             Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital    Gentle /Beginning        $10

                                             (Tami Combs, RYT teaches this class)


Saturday        9:30-10:30 am   Suburban Plaza II 3rd Floor    Movement Disorder       Free

                        (Natalie Knudtson, RYT and Anna Rucker, RYT, LMT teach this class)


Mondays at the KYOne Healthy Lifestyle Center located in St. Joe's Hospital, yoga is incorporated into the Phase II rehab program.  These classes are taught by Anita Courtney, RYT.


We also offer private yoga lessons in our space or yours, corporate classes, workshops and retreats, please contact us for information.

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