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Really enjoyed massage.  Thanks for all you do for the Parkinson's community."

Jay, Retired


"The foot scrub was absolute heaven!  Now I understand the "Therapeutic" part of massage."

Debra F., Business Owner


"Cloud nine!  Serene space, attentive hospitality, heavenly massage with delightful touches, pillows, heat, oils, snacks and mint water afterwards. Can't wait to return."

Sara F., Yoga Instructor


"Ginny has been a blessing from the heavens for me.  She is amazing .  One of the kindest and most gentle I know with an awesome pair of hands for massages.  I have tried all different kinds and love them all.

Reva R, Physician

"Ginny is a great person. The massage was very relaxing which is exactly what I requested. She doesn't forget any part- right down to your earlobes. This was my second visit and I hope to make many trips back. The best part is that is flexible and affordable- making it easy to return."

-Libby A., Louisville, KY


"I travel all over the country and always frequent spas in different cities and I am so lucky to have found Genevieve. And lucky for me she is right next door in my neighborhood! She was fantastic the first time that I went back the following week for the hot stone massage. This is my favorite. Can't wait to go back!"

-Caren H., Product Specialist


"Drove from out of town. Very Very professional and relaxing Hot Stone Massage. Will recommend to anyone who receives regular massages. The heat from the stones really helps relax all the tight and stressed spots. Office was very friendly and inviting."

Ronnie C., Sales


 "I had a great experience. I get massage quite frequently and this was one of the best I've gotten. As someone with chronic back issues, I NEED massage and need it from a pro, and she did great. She listened to me and my concerns. Also, she was easy to chat with. Looking forward to the next one."

-Andrew P., IT


"I have had a massage from two other places in Louisville and Genevieve's has been the best one yet! She listened to every request that I had and the hot stones felt amazing. I wanted to go back the very next day!! I would recommend for anyone!"

-Portia H., Teacher


"I have found Genevieve's Healing Arts Massage to be very beneficial in that they are very relaxing, stress reducing and invigorating.  I never feel rushed.  I feel she is totally focused on me during the massage.  I feel very comfortable referring Genevieve to anyone looking for a quality, therapeutic, stress relieving relaxing massage."

-Dr. Wayne D., (D.C.) Louisville, Ky


 "One of the best things about the stone massage is her willingness to work with your needs and pressure preferences while adapting techniques from one session to the next. I feel comfortable talking through the entire massage or just quietly enjoying the experience. I always feel rejuvenated and refreshed after a session and look forward to the next!"

-Jaclyn E., ARNP, DOM


"Thanks, Ginny!  I feel that your massages are a great benefit to my healing and relaxation.  After that last massage,  I think that was my 10th massage in 2 months.  I've never had a bad massage but some are definitely better than others.  The Chinese massages you can get at the mall can be rough and invigorating, the free massage I got at Norton's was relaxing and healing but too gentle.  The massage I got at Massage Envy was from a nice lady but she wanted to talk the whole time since she was also a cancer survivor.  The massages that I was getting at the Denver School of Massage Therapy were also good but I would have to say that your massages are the best.  I really noticed from the last massage that you gave me you have very educated hands.  Plus you have a very caring spirit which I also feel in getting a massage which is calming and healing.  Thank you for all the great healing energy that you have been giving me.  I appreciate you so much!"

-Eric R., Louisville, KY


"I have had massage literally all over the country and you can't beat Genevieve's!  She is attentive, talented and knows her craft.  The setting of Norton Commons is wonderful."



"What a wonderful experience from beginning to end.  I felt much more relaxed after my massage.  I would recommend Genevieve's Healing Arts to everyone!"

-Angie R., Administrative Assistant


"This was my 3rd massage from Ginny.  What an awesome experience.  I had the hot rocks massage.  It was quiet and relaxing.  I slept like a baby last night!"

-Chris C., Realtor


"God is in the details.   In an environment that is nourishing, in addition to a healing massage-the mint infused water, granola bars.  I moved from the massage capitol, Boulder, CO, and this is great."

-Laurie D., Artist and Teacher


"Ms. First provided first class service and I'll certainly be back!  She is very receptive to client's needs and made me feel very comfortable.  She recommended the Signature Massage and incorporated the use of heated stones, wow!  I felt great when I left and great when I woke up this morning.  Her therapeutic massage relieved my stress and tension.  Thank you."

-Mike A., Sales


"A totally blissful experience. I had just done a twenty mile bike ride after a long lay off and was feeling sore. The hot stones were the perfect "cure".   I will be back!"

-E.B., Louisville, KY


"Great experience! I wanted to go back the next day and experience it all over again! In fact, I scheduled an appointment before I left. The foot scrub and wrap was a bonus surprise!"

-Eunice K, Lou., KY

"Nice atmosphere. The office and massage room are peaceful and relaxing. I had a guided meditation and massage. I was floating for the rest of the day. And today, now that I think of it."

-Tom B., Software Developer


"The massage of all massages!! Genevieve's the Best I have I have ever had, very caring and attention to details, made this the most relaxing, therapeutic massage I have ever had. I certainly plan on coming back over and over."

Otis F., Broker


"Loved the massage and I'm a connoisseur! I felt fully relaxed and renewed after Ginny's hot stone massage. I highly recommend her for her professionalism, gentle spirit, intuitive touch and caring generosity. I will definitely return. And she is on the opposite side of town!"

-Donna B., Yoga Instructor


 "I went to Genevieve mainly because I had muscular pain in my back. I expected a massage would help, but not as much as it actually did! The pain was almost gone that night. In addition to the pain relief, I was also more relaxed and felt great all around. Genevieve is one of the nicest persons I have had the pleasure to meet, which made the overall experience much more enjoyable. I will definitely be going back!"

-Ana D., Computers


Some reviews from our Living Social Clients:

"Best massage I've ever gotten - bar none!"

"Absolutely incredible! Worth the drive which was long."

"It was awesome! She used a lot of stones and even put pebbles between your toes. Best massage I have ever had."

"I loved it!!!! I have now experienced the best massage in this city!! I will return for many, many more!"

"Wonderful experience-will go again! Very relaxing and healing massage therapy!"

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